Connected TV & Over-The-Top Advertising (CTV/OTT)

Connected TV (CTV) advertising delivers your message to a large audience through smart TVs and devices connected to the Internet, such as Samsung, Chromecast and Apple TV. This allows viewers to encounter your brand while accessing on-demand content on those devices.

Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising delivers your message to a large audience similar to CTV. However, instead of being delivered based on the device, OTT captures your audience based on specific streaming platforms and apps like Netflix, Disney+, or Paramount+.

CTV & OTT Advertising
with Vista Reach

Revolutionize your advertising game and captivate your audience with Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising through Vista Reach! Our access to the latest technology and hottest platforms will help you unlock the newest level of advertising success, delivering your message to an engaged audience across internet-connected TVs and streaming platforms.

The benefits of Connected TV and Over The Top advertising for your business

  • Build brand loyalty and awareness with compelling videos that tell your story.
  • Capture your audiences eyes and ears in one message.
  • Omni-channel approach, deliver your message across multiple mediums.
  • Target specific devices such as Roku, FireTV or platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Paramount+
  • Geo-target only the areas you do business in.
  • Measurable ROI, with reports.
  • Flexibility to adapt your campaigns in real time.

How Vista Reach works with you

  • Meeting is set to discover your marketing requirements.
  • We formulate your campaign run dates.
  • A marketing profile is created on your business.
  • Geo-targeted audience is identified.
  • Devices and/or platforms to target are selected.
  • A proposal is presented with our forecasted results.
  • Creative assets are collected from you.
  • A Feedback round takes place.
  • The fun begins!

What our partners are saying

"I have been working with Vista Reach for a year now and they have made the marketing process streamlined and efficient. Their ability to capture our market and promote our business has helped create new revenue streams."

"Since we signed up for the Vista reach program, we have seen a very clear and obvious jump in our website traffic. Vista have been able to provide us with stats and information as well as providing assistance with any creative that we requested."