Digital Out-Of-HomE Advertising

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising includes digital billboards, digital signage at sports stadiums, digital posters in subway stations or bus stations, and digital screens in convenience stores or gyms. Think ‘Times Square’ New York as an example!

  • Digital billboards and liveboards can be used specifically to target your audiences with creative messaging based on time of day, weather, or even sports scores.
  • DOOH Ads give you the ability to leverage full-motion video to your brand creative across multiple platforms.
  • Determining the impression multiplier requires data collection that offers insight to the number of people that are around an area at a given moment. Networks use various methods to get this information, including: County level census data / Proprietary survey data/ Independent third-party research / Ticket sales in theaters or event stadiums/ Cameras or sensors integrated with a DOOH platform
  • Digital advertising display screens are big, bright, bold, and clear, displaying an ad on a DOOH billboard literally can’t be missed!